Star Wars Shadows of the Empire Game for the Nintendo64

Have you seen the very first Star Wars Movie? If so, you’ve probably seen how the empire got so powerful.

The empire is terrorizing the entire galaxy and it aims to be the most powerful entity in the universe. They terrorize innocent planets and they aim to hold no prisoners but rather kill them.

In this article, I am going to talk about the Star Wars Shadows of the Empire Game for the Nintendo64.

The takes place after the events of Episode IV and it also bridges the gaps towards the next episode. There are also elements after the Empire Strikes Back as well. The main hero of the game is a Rebel commander who calls himself “Dash Rendar”. He is accompanied by Leebo, his droid co-pilot (because apparently, all Star Wars pilots need to have a droid with them at all costs).

The story begins when Dash Rendar along with his pal Leebo arrive in the Echo Base to deliver some supplies for the Rebel Army.

He comes across the iconic Han Solo who gives him a higher position in the Rebel army. Dash Rendar was about to leave the vicinity of the Echo Base when suddenly, the shield generators were destroyed.

The Echo Base was apparently compromised and was invaded by the Imperial’s troops. Dash barely escaped the Echo base with his ship.

If you’ve seen the movies, Boba Fett has captured Han Solo. Because of this news, Dash Rendar set out to rescue Han Solo from Fett’s grasp.

Leebo tells Dash that Boba Fett is hiding in a distant moon the is circling the planet “Gall”. Upon Dash’s arrival, he was able to damage Boba Fett’s ship but Fett still managed to escape him.

Meanwhile, Prince Xizor believes that if Luke Skywalker is dead, he will take the place of Darth Vader in the empire. So, he orders the tyrant, Jabba the Hutt, to murder Luke Skywalker.

Learning about the nefarious plan set by Prince Xizor, Dash Rendar went to stop Luke’s assassination. After rescuing Luke from the people who wants to kill him, Luke told Rendar that there is a supercomputer that they should get in order to defeat the imperial army.

The final battle revolves around killing Prince Xizor, with Luke Skywalker on your team. It is an epic battle in which I will not spoil in this article because it is up to you to find out what happened.

The Star Wars Shadows of the Empire Game for the Nintendo64 is a third-person shooter that makes use of Dash Rendar’s abilities. Although Dash Rendar is not a jedi and he doesn’t have force powers nor has the ability to wield a lightsaber, Rendar uses his trusty gun to defeat the imperial and Prince Xizor’s forces.

The graphics are 3D, just do not expect eye-popping visuals as this game was released before the year 2000.


Still, the Star Wars Shadows of the Empire Game for the Nintendo64 is an awesome shooting game and if you want to revisit the story that has transpired in Episode IV and V, then this game is for you.