Spotify App

Do you want to stream music anywhere you go? Do you want to create playlists of your favorite bands; get deluxe versions of their albums, and create social groups based around a music genre?

If so, you definitely have to get the Spotify App. Spotify is a music-streaming service that is available for the PC, Android, and iPhone mobile phones. For the purposes of discussion, we will just focus on the iOS app.

Spotify has evolved through the years. With each major update, Spotify adds a few key features to the table. Do not worry, we will talk about all of the key features of the app in this article.

So first up is the “Your Music” feature. Before Spotify allows you to search over 20 million artists worldwide and if you want a certain album, you can play all of the songs in that album. The problem was that if you want to come back to it again, you need to search the artist again and play the album, which can be a little time-consuming for some.

What the makers of Spotify did was add a “Your Music” feature. Whenever you visit an artist’s page within the app and you listen to a particular album, the app will then automatically add the artist as well as the album to the “Your Music” category.

This is very convenient as you have one hub that you can access all of your favorite artists and their albums in an instant.

Another cool feature of the Spotify app for the iOS is the quality of the audio. Spotify is free to use, but there is also a premium subscription ($10/month). There are a lot of advantages of being a premium user. For one, as mentioned above, you get to enjoy 320kbps streaming audio quality. That is a very high-quality audio that is just below the lossless format.

Also, if you’re a free user and you wanted to listen to an album, all of the songs will be shuffled by default, and there is no way to turn it off. With the premium subscription, the shuffle mode is turned off by default but you can also choose to turn it on if you so desire.

Since Spotify has garnered a lot of users worldwide, it has gained massive popularity since its inception. Because of this, artists put great faith in the music streaming service allowing Spotify users to enjoy exclusive content from their favorite artists first hand.

In short, Spotify users can access all of their favorite artists and bands’ content first than any other music streaming service out there today. Not only that but whenever an album is launched, Spotify users gain the deluxe edition of the album, complete with bonus tracks and footage.

Again, Spotify is free to use with limitations, of course. But seriously, $10/month is a killer deal considering the benefits you can get. High-quality audio streaming, an unlimited amount of streams, exclusive and first-hand content, and so much more.


Download the Spotify App for the iOS and Apple iPhone mobile phones now and subscribe to their service.