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Dragon Quest VII Fragments of the Forgotten Past Game for the Nintendo 3DS

There are quite a lot of RPG games that I have played through the years. One of the RPG games that really glued me to my seats for countless hours is the Dragon Quest series.


There are a lot of Dragon Quest games (Dragon Warrior in other regions) out there and today, I am going to be talking about the Dragon Quest VII Fragments of the Forgotten Past Game for the Nintendo 3DS.


Now, Dragon Quest VII is not new; in fact, the first version of this game was released way back in 2000 for the Playstation One game console.

The new Dragon Quest VII Fragments of the Forgotten Past Game for the Nintendo 3DS is still the same story but with vastly improved graphics. The game is now in full 3D as opposed to the 2D graphics of the original iteration.


The story of the game begins when the Hero’s father went home from a fishing trip. His father was able to get a map fragment. Upon further inspection, it was believed that the world had more continents than what it is today.


Apparently, they’ve also unlocked the means to travel back in time and the Hero does so in order to investigate the matter.


During his quest, he will be met with a lot of playable characters along the way. These characters are Kiefer, the prince of Estard; Gabo, a boy that was turned into a white wolf pup because of evil magic, Maribel, a close friend of both the Hero and Kiefer; Aira, a highly-trained Paladin; and Aira, a dancer from the Deja tribe.


Every town the hero visits in the past is mired with a lot of problems. It is up to the Hero and his friends to solve the town’s problems and further get clues about the other continents.


It was later found out that a Demon Lord was responsible for taking out the continents. After an event that summons the Demon Lord into existence, it created a Dark Palace. This dark palace will be the final dungeon of the game.


The Dragon Quest VII Fragments of the Forgotten Past Game for the Nintendo 3DS is a very extensive game. I mentioned earlier that this game glued me to my seats for countless hours, right?


And I am not kidding; this game, when you include the side missions, would take you more than 100 hours to complete.


This is why this game is so amazing; the longer you play the game, the more you will love every aspect of it.


The game has an in-depth class system that you will surely love. Some of the classes that are available in the game are the Thief, Jester, Bard, Warrior, Dancer, Cleric, Fighter, Mage, Paladin, Pirate, and Dragoon. There are also advanced classes such as the God Hand and the Hero. To get to the advanced classes, your characters must first master some of the classes first.


The Dragon Quest VII Fragments of the Forgotten Past Game for the Nintendo 3DS follows a turn-based combat system and you can bring with you 3 other party members for a total of 4 members in combat a time.


The Dragon Quest VII Fragments of the Forgotten Past Game for the Nintendo 3DS will be released soon and I would definitely recommend this game.

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Nintendo DS console

Nintendo DS

One cannot refuse the fact that with the invention of gaming consoles such as Xbox 360, PS3 and Nintendo the trend in gaming has changed and gaming companies has started introducing new and advanced technologies so that they can hit the market in an effective way. Nintendo R4 3DS Bundles is the latest console introduced by one of the leading gaming console makers, Nintendo. This console has turned in to a successful one as it is one of the top sellers in the gaming market. The reasons behind its popularity are the ease of use, excellence and most importantly the presence of Legend of Zelda, the biggest adventure game of the year.

Features and Specifications of Nintendo DS Bundles

Nintendo bundle hits the market rate right from the day it has been launched. Gamers enjoy playing them and the popularity they have obtained is because of the latest features added with them. They are designed with a clam shell structure and has double LCD screen. Other features of DS console bundle include touch screen, built in microphone and with the help of wireless IEEE 802.11 standard, two players can communicate with in a short distance range. Nintendo DS Bundle has got a superior place in the market and liked by most of the game lovers not only because of its attractive design but also for the ease they provide while navigating and the user friendly atmosphere they provide. The presence of top and popular game package adds more value to them and to play those games one should download the homebrew software available in the Nintendo site. With no doubt, DS console bundle is a right choice for gamers who don’t like waiting for a long time to download games.

DS Lite Bundles

In spite of the reach of its products in market, Nintendo manufacturers are coming up with innovative products in a short period of time with upgraded features and style. Such one product with thinner size and advanced technology is the DS Lite Bundles. The notable specifications of this Lite bundle are ultra bright LCD screens, attractive colors, stylish look, touch screen that provides easy access and for better 3D effects it comes up with Dual processors which increases the speed of the console too. Game lovers will always look for battery life for an uninterruptable play. Keeping that in mind, this Lite bundle is designed with a powerful battery that lasts for up to 19 hours of continuous gaming.

Online Availability of Nintendo DS Bundles


Many online sites are providing Nintendo DS deals in an affordable price. One can also buy DS accessories like DS Lite Charger, Stylus pen, wrist strap etc with the bundle which will be of big use. To buy a Nintendo DS Bundle all you have to do is just make an order by filling an onine form provided with the site. This will be a time saving job and will save your money as well.

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Star Wars Shadows of the Empire Game for the Nintendo64

Have you seen the very first Star Wars Movie? If so, you’ve probably seen how the empire got so powerful.

The empire is terrorizing the entire galaxy and it aims to be the most powerful entity in the universe. They terrorize innocent planets and they aim to hold no prisoners but rather kill them.

In this article, I am going to talk about the Star Wars Shadows of the Empire Game for the Nintendo64.

The takes place after the events of Episode IV and it also bridges the gaps towards the next episode. There are also elements after the Empire Strikes Back as well. The main hero of the game is a Rebel commander who calls himself “Dash Rendar”. He is accompanied by Leebo, his droid co-pilot (because apparently, all Star Wars pilots need to have a droid with them at all costs).

The story begins when Dash Rendar along with his pal Leebo arrive in the Echo Base to deliver some supplies for the Rebel Army.

He comes across the iconic Han Solo who gives him a higher position in the Rebel army. Dash Rendar was about to leave the vicinity of the Echo Base when suddenly, the shield generators were destroyed.

The Echo Base was apparently compromised and was invaded by the Imperial’s troops. Dash barely escaped the Echo base with his ship.

If you’ve seen the movies, Boba Fett has captured Han Solo. Because of this news, Dash Rendar set out to rescue Han Solo from Fett’s grasp.

Leebo tells Dash that Boba Fett is hiding in a distant moon the is circling the planet “Gall”. Upon Dash’s arrival, he was able to damage Boba Fett’s ship but Fett still managed to escape him.

Meanwhile, Prince Xizor believes that if Luke Skywalker is dead, he will take the place of Darth Vader in the empire. So, he orders the tyrant, Jabba the Hutt, to murder Luke Skywalker.

Learning about the nefarious plan set by Prince Xizor, Dash Rendar went to stop Luke’s assassination. After rescuing Luke from the people who wants to kill him, Luke told Rendar that there is a supercomputer that they should get in order to defeat the imperial army.

The final battle revolves around killing Prince Xizor, with Luke Skywalker on your team. It is an epic battle in which I will not spoil in this article because it is up to you to find out what happened.

The Star Wars Shadows of the Empire Game for the Nintendo64 is a third-person shooter that makes use of Dash Rendar’s abilities. Although Dash Rendar is not a jedi and he doesn’t have force powers nor has the ability to wield a lightsaber, Rendar uses his trusty gun to defeat the imperial and Prince Xizor’s forces.

The graphics are 3D, just do not expect eye-popping visuals as this game was released before the year 2000.


Still, the Star Wars Shadows of the Empire Game for the Nintendo64 is an awesome shooting game and if you want to revisit the story that has transpired in Episode IV and V, then this game is for you.

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Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3

When you hear the words “budget phone”, what usually comes to mind is a phone with a lot of compromises. Yes, that is evident in mobile phones of years’ past, but that is not the case today.

In this article, we are going to talk about a budget-friendly mobile phone coming from a French mobile phone company, Alcatel. The Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 is a budget phone that cuts only a few corners and it does present you with a very good phone without a huge asking price.

Since this is a budget phone, Alcatel opted for a durable polycarbonate plastic chassis. Plastics have received numerous negative connotations as of late because of the past notion that plastics are not durable. But, truth be told, Polycarbonate plastics have been widely used in mobile phones, even on mid-range phones. It is used often because it is not only durable but it is also lightweight as well.

The Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 does, however, have a metal aluminum frame to increase its aesthetic appeal somehow. It has a minimalist overall design and it is pretty nice to the touch. The only problem with the design is that it tends to slip from your hands quite easily since it doesn’t have a curvature. So bear that in mind.

As for the display, the Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 sports a 5.5-inch IPS LCD screen with a resolution of 1080p and a pixel count of 401ppi. It also supports multitouch of up to 5 fingers at the same time.

It is expected when a phone has IPS display panels to have excellent viewing angles and wonderful color reproduction, and that is evident in the Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3.

As for the performance, the Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 mobile phone has the Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 chipset which is an octa-core processor clocked at 1.5GHz and 1.0 GHz. On top of that, it also comes with the Adreno 405 GPU and 2GB of RAM.

For a budget-friendly phone, it is surprising to see an octa-core processor in the Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3. It is power-efficient and it allows you to effectively do multitasking any time. The mobile phone also comes with a 2,900 MaH battery to power all of these components.

The Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 comes with the Android 5.0.2 Lollipop. It offers a vanilla Android experience because this mobile phone doesn’t have any proprietary UI on top of the already good operating system.

The camera is okay but not that great. It does come with a 13-megapixel rear camera and an 8-megapixel front camera for those selfies. The rear camera has an aperture of f/2.0 and it also has camera technologies such as autofocus, LED flash, geo-tagging, face detection, HDR, and panorama. Since it comes with the camera app from the default Android Lollipop operating system, it doesn’t offer more proprietary features. Still, the camera gives you impressive pictures considering the price.


The Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 is a true budget-friendly phone that doesn’t cut a lot of corners. This phone only costs $180.

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Spotify App

Do you want to stream music anywhere you go? Do you want to create playlists of your favorite bands; get deluxe versions of their albums, and create social groups based around a music genre?

If so, you definitely have to get the Spotify App. Spotify is a music-streaming service that is available for the PC, Android, and iPhone mobile phones. For the purposes of discussion, we will just focus on the iOS app.

Spotify has evolved through the years. With each major update, Spotify adds a few key features to the table. Do not worry, we will talk about all of the key features of the app in this article.

So first up is the “Your Music” feature. Before Spotify allows you to search over 20 million artists worldwide and if you want a certain album, you can play all of the songs in that album. The problem was that if you want to come back to it again, you need to search the artist again and play the album, which can be a little time-consuming for some.

What the makers of Spotify did was add a “Your Music” feature. Whenever you visit an artist’s page within the app and you listen to a particular album, the app will then automatically add the artist as well as the album to the “Your Music” category.

This is very convenient as you have one hub that you can access all of your favorite artists and their albums in an instant.

Another cool feature of the Spotify app for the iOS is the quality of the audio. Spotify is free to use, but there is also a premium subscription ($10/month). There are a lot of advantages of being a premium user. For one, as mentioned above, you get to enjoy 320kbps streaming audio quality. That is a very high-quality audio that is just below the lossless format.

Also, if you’re a free user and you wanted to listen to an album, all of the songs will be shuffled by default, and there is no way to turn it off. With the premium subscription, the shuffle mode is turned off by default but you can also choose to turn it on if you so desire.

Since Spotify has garnered a lot of users worldwide, it has gained massive popularity since its inception. Because of this, artists put great faith in the music streaming service allowing Spotify users to enjoy exclusive content from their favorite artists first hand.

In short, Spotify users can access all of their favorite artists and bands’ content first than any other music streaming service out there today. Not only that but whenever an album is launched, Spotify users gain the deluxe edition of the album, complete with bonus tracks and footage.

Again, Spotify is free to use with limitations, of course. But seriously, $10/month is a killer deal considering the benefits you can get. High-quality audio streaming, an unlimited amount of streams, exclusive and first-hand content, and so much more.


Download the Spotify App for the iOS and Apple iPhone mobile phones now and subscribe to their service.

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Purely Inspired 100% Garcinia Cambogia Fruit Extract Weight Loss Supplements

Today, we are going to review another product from Purely Inspired called their 100% Garcinia Cambogia Fruit Extract Weight Loss supplements. Purely Inspired is a supplement manufacturer that continuously produces high-quality weight-loss supplements.

Purely Inspired boasts of 100% Pure ingredients in their products, and this is no exception. It contains 100% pure Garcinia Cambogia fruit extract. But that’s not all, it also contains Green Coffee Extract, which also plays a role on weight-loss. Most, if not all of the products from Purely Inspired always have at least 2 active ingredients for a more potent blend.

Before delving any deeper on the topic, let’s look at the product description for the Purely Inspired 100% Garcinia Cambogia Fruit Extract Weight Loss Supplements:

Purely Inspired 100% Pure Garcinia Cambogia Dietary Supplement is made with 100% pure and premium ingredients. Garcinia cambogia is a subtropical fruit. This product delivers 1600mg per serving. Plus, it contains the scientific dose of green coffee extract supplying 45% chlorogenic acids which has been shown in scientific research to help people lose weight. In a 60-day study, subjects using this key weight loss ingredient lost an average of almost 11 pounds with a low-calorie diet, while in another eight-week study, subjects lost an average of almost four pounds with a calorie-reduced diet and moderate exercise.

Purely Inspired 100% Pure Garcinia Cambogia Dietary Supplement Tablets:

  • 1600mg of garcinia per serving
  • 3x more garcinia cambogia than leading competition
  • 100% pure ingredients
  • Non-stimulant

What really surprised me is not the addition of Green Coffee Extract, but the amount of Garcinia Cambogia in each capsule. Each capsule contains a whopping 1600mg of Garcinia Cambogia! Talk about a concentrated dose!

The Purely Inspired Garcinia Cambogia weight loss supplement is an amazing fat burner that doesn’t contain any stimulants at all. This means that you can take these even before bedtime, so you can burn fat even while you sleep!

All in all, the Purely Inspired Garcinia Cambogia weight loss supplement is looking good on paper. But, how does this translate to the real world? Let’s find out what customers have to say about this supplement:

Joanne: “I am on my second bottle of this item and love the effects. I have lost a tremendous amount of belly fat and have NOT been working out as frequently as I should. I lost 7 pounds so far. I am now beginning a workout routine of cardio 5 days a week (45 minutes each day) and light weight, high reps. I will update this review in a month to see how much more I can lose. My goal is at least 10 pounds. Will keep you posted.”

Jennifer: “I love this product. Taking this and the green coffee together (only 2 of each twice a day), I lose about a pound a day. I watch what I eat and definitely watch my portions. I do a little exercise when I can or when I feel like it (which I feel like it more often because of the slight energy boost these give me) and I continue to lose the weight with NO side effects aside from one time that I took them and got busy right after I took them so I didn’t eat for about two hours after taking them and I got the headaches and nausea like everyone else with the side effects did. Other than that its probably been the best product I’ve used.”

Purely Inspired has done it again with this weight loss supplement. It contains one of the highest dosage of Garcinia Cambogia I’ve found on the market. It also contains Pure Green Coffee Extract for another layer of weight-loss aid.


If you want to buy this weight supplement, the Purely Inspired 100% Garcinia Cambogia Fruit Extract Weight Loss supplements costs $18.85.

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Significant reasons to use dual band mobile phone signal boosters

The dual band cell phone signal boosters are not quite new matter in this technological arena. In fact, they are widely used for enhancing the network coverage area which includes 2G and 3G data networks. In this regard, there are plenty of boosters available of different frequency band and capacity. With the enhanced cell phone signal capacity, it is very much possible to receive much stronger signals for making voice calls and messaging as well.

The major task of these boosters is to capture the reliable cellular mobile signal which is available outside and it safely provides an internet connection in the indoor environment. It’s quite common that mobile phone signal boosters are used by a great number of smart phone users.

Reason to use dual band mobile phone signal boosters –

  • Convenient

In recent days, staying in an apartment has become a trend. At times, it’s quite difficult to get mobile signals. This issue can be easily resolved with mobile phone signal boosters and it is considered to be quite ideal for residential spaces. Using these signal boosters, it is possible to get good mobile signals and 3G network for multiple users and at a single instance of time.

  • Better battery performance

By making use of cell phone signal boosters, the performance of smart phones and Android phones can be enhanced. With the availability of strong indoor signal, the battery runs for longer duration of time without getting exhausted.

  • Rebroadcast signals

Cell phone signal boosters can easily capture and also rebroadcast the signals maximum up to 3500 sq-ft without any sort of disturbance.

  • Simple installation

For any gadget, it’s good to have an easy set up process. As such, these devices are very easy to set up and don’t disappoint the customers. In order to install devices, it doesn’t require any professional help. It can be easily installed by you.

  • Doesn’t require manual adjustment


Some of the cell phone signals boosters require manual adjustment. But the dual band cell phone signal boosters are automatic in nature and doesn’t any manual installation. When this device is placed at a higher altitude, the phone can get better signal and operates much faster. This is the best device which can provide best result in mobile signal boosting and it can be done automatically.

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Motorcycle Fairings

Ideal Characteristics of a Motorcycle Fairings Provider

A provider is not just a provider; an ideal provider is the one who is able to satisfy his or her customer’s needs. The great secret towards making it in the corporate sector is by satisfying your customers’ needs since that will keep them running back to you. However, this article today gives a breakdown of the numerous things that you need to look out for in identifying an ideal provider when it comes to the motorcycle fairings.

An ideal provider is a provider that you can trust. In making a purchase of the motorcycle fairings, it is very important for you to check out on whether the provider of your choice is reliable. If he happens to be, then you will stand to benefit from a number of things. The first thing that you can be sure of is that you may not land on the best product, but at least you have the best support with you – the provider itself.

In case you are asking yourself about how that is ensured, then motorcycle fairing kits are checked keenly by great experts with great experiences in their fields of work to guarantee that all the fairings being shipped are of high quality and of the best fit to your needs. A provider will also go ahead to employ a team of professional painters who will work to ensure that the fairings you purchase are the most attractive ones you have ever come across. As you well know, the general presentation of goods and services play an essential role in the whole thing of boosting sales.

A good provider is also a provider who is able to offer the best customer services to his or her clients. The delivery of a fully satisfying experience to the customers’ right from the very start to the end is something that all providers need to embrace, regardless of their various forms of business. The next time you set out to purchase the motorcycle fairings, it will be of great importance if you will consider the customer services that are provided by the company you want to buy from. Such provider will be in a position to address all your concerns in the best way possible. He will respond to your questions in the shortest periods possible, and that means you will be able to continue with your trading activities as usual without any interferences.


An ideal provider makes you feel secure regardless of how much money you may have used to purchase the motorcycle fairings. He will ensure that all the shipped items are the same ones that were displayed on his website and thus, you will not have to worry about any compromise of the quality of goods that reach you.

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